Jenn has been our go-to proofreader and copy editor for a couple of years now — and I shudder to remember what it was like copy editing without her. She is a dream to work with. Efficient, accurate, and goes above and beyond to help us reach our deadlines. I could not recommend her highly enough! —Account Supervisor

Jenn is absolutely fantastic to work with and is our go-to resource for all things proofing and copy-editing. She always responds in record time and is able to turn around projects very efficiently. Jenn has become a business partner of ours on many projects and is extremely skilled. Could not recommend her more! —Director of Marketing

I have been working with Jenn for a few months now and I am constantly impressed by her professionalism, reliability, timelines and precision. She has quickly become an indispensable team member for our agency. I would recommend Jenn to anyone needing an experienced and reliable Copy Editor, capable of handing tight deadlines and juggling several accounts at a time. —Social and Digital Strategist

Jenn is the copy editor that copywriters, account folks, and clients dream of. First off, she misses nothing. Thorough is an understatement bordering on insult. Next, Jenn quickly becomes the encyclopedic brand resource. She can create style guides from scratch, or master an existing one. Finally, Jenn is a fantastic coworker, personally and professionally. Smart. Hilarious. Considerate. She covers all the checkboxes you want in the person you spend dozens and dozens of hours with each week. —Senior Copywriter

Jenn is by far THE best copy editor I’ve worked with. Our client is complex with multiple product lines—each with their own set of rules. Beyond addressing typical copy editing issues with ease, she also knows our client’s legal guidelines inside and out. Jenn relieves tremendous amounts of stress from both the account and creative teams because you can trust that everything will be perfect if she has had a chance to review. —Co-founder and Chief Brand Officer

I’m not sure how to put my gratitude for Jenn into words. Having worked with Jenn for almost two years now, I can honestly say she is one person I can always count on to go above and beyond. A hard worker that is extremely thorough AND extremely efficient; there are few people in this industry that have the same zeal, positive attitude and deliver extremely professional work. Its been an honor to work with her, and I only wish that I will find more people like her in the future. —Product Lead

In 12 years of advertising, Jenn Anderson is far and away the best copy editor I have worked with. Relentlessly proactive, meticulously efficient and comfortably collaborative, Jenn pays it all off with being a very nice person. You’d be lucky to work with her. —Account Executive

Jenn has very defined standards and an unprecedented understanding of Branding to ensure whatever you deliver looks and reads as great as possible, she is a really good communicator looking to educate, not just simply correct, and despite being on a 3-hour time difference, she always adjusted her schedule to our needs ensuring our projects were delivered as beautifully and correctly as possible. She is among some of the most intelligent people I have met, extremely detail-oriented, her eagle-eyes seldom miss anything and you can be assured that if Jenn is proofing your project, you have one less thing to stress about. She has your back and goes above and beyond proofing to accurate critiquing of layout as well [despite not being dev], helping out the QA team even though she was not expected to. My current job these days requires I check others’ work thoroughly, and I implement a portion of what I do based on how Jenn used to approach checking my work. I unintentionally picked up a solid style just from day-to-day interactions with her, yet still, I am hardly at her caliber.
Words cannot accurately define how much I miss having Jenn on my team, I even tried to find her a position at my current place of employment! —Front-end Developer

Jenn knows all the rules of grammar, different style manuals, and client brand guidelines inside and out. In fact, she never misses a beat in the four years I worked with her. But beyond that, Jenn took the initiative to drastically improve our company’s processes, and made all of our lives a lot easier. She’s awesome at coming up with smart solutions for copy instead of just pointing out the issues with it—which was greatly appreciated! Any business or company would be lucky to have her—she’s professional, experienced, beyond organized and a lot of fun to work with. —Senior Copywriter

Jenn is my anti-anxiety medication—there’s really nothing to worry about when she’s on the job. Her attention to detail is second to none. It helps my heart rate even more that she’s able to grasp the concept of a campaign and how each piece fits into it. Every project needs a person like Jenn. Hire her. She’ll edit you smart. —Executive Creative Director

I think everyone on the team would agree that Jenn Anderson is a life-saver. She has consistently gone way beyond her outlined duties to make sure that we are always sending out the best emails, DM, and online materials possible. On more than one occasion she has spotted errors or inconsistencies in strategy and execution and saved the day—literally on the day. She has been our last line of defense…and nothing has gotten past her. In addition to that, she is a joy to work with and works tirelessly from our NY office—not an easy thing to work remotely from the rest of the team. —Creative Director

Consistently does her job phenomenally as well as oversees others not in her area. She is innovative and insightful in all things she does. She helps mold processes and formulates guidelines to ensure everyone is on the same page. I think she has tremendous energy and has made herself part of the foundation of the Grey office. —Account Director

Talk about behind the scenes. Even though she sits in New York, Jenn is the glue that holds the San Francisco office together. Copy Editors and Proofreaders seldom receive praise when things go well, and they’re the first to be blamed if anything goes wrong—but Jenn’s work is always impeccable. She handles a huge volume of work, but she always knows exactly where everything is at any given time. Jenn consistently goes beyond her role in making sure that the work is in the right hands at the right time internally so that client expectations are met. —Creative Director

I worked with Jenn at G2 Direct and Digital from 2005 to 2008. I was the creative director for the team in San Francisco office and Jenn was brought into the group as copy editor for the Adobe Systems account. Our work covered Adobe’s direct marketing online and offline efforts across all of their products.

Within a very short time after her arrival, the value Jenn brought to our team and our processes was obvious and measurable. She established and implemented copy guidelines across all lines of business—no small feat as Adobe had just acquired Macromedia and there were twice as many products to bring under the same voice and copy style. Complaints from the clients about accuracy and consistency all but disappeared after Jenn started working on the account. She was the sole copy editor on the account and kept up with the workload of a 40-person team.

As a very big and unexpected bonus, Jennifer would make copy corrections to the creative teams’ files when the workload got backed up. I have never worked with a copy editor who would pitch in and help the creative team in this way. She also stepped right into our PDF-only workflow which allowed us to move projects along faster, more accurately and more efficiently.

I cannot say enough good things about Jenn’s work, her conscientiousness and the positive attitude she brings to the workplace. She would be a very valuable addition to any team. —Associate Creative Director